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A few more of our specialties
  • Citron Repair

  • Citroen has had a reputation for innovation since 1934. If have any Citron Repair needs, we will take care of them at our shop in Montecito.
  • Aston Martin Repair

  • James Bond's historical choice in car isn't always the most serviceable - thankfully, our Aston Martin Repair team has experience making the complex mechanical repairs to damage that only a secret agent could cause.
  • Bentley Repair

  • From vintage sedans to the new coupe, our Bentley Repair team has in-depth experience in every aspect of servicing and maintaining these fine British vehicles.
  • Land Rover

  • Although Rolls-Royce started as a subsidiary, you know that they need a specialist to take care of them. We have all the necessary expertise in Land Rover.

Customer service is our specialty!

Customer Reviews
Suzan A. from Santa Barbara, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 10/26/2017:
"I would absolutely recommend their professional and friendly, well-priced services!"
5 star rating

Randi M. from Santa Barbara, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 10/10/2017:
"It's great. Honest, courteous and fast service."
5 star rating

Emmanuel I. from Goleta, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 8/10/2017:
"These guys rock! The best in town! Go and get your car to their shop!"
5 star rating

Frank K. from Santa Barbara, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 6/10/2017:
"Always helpful and knowledgeable whenever contacted. Excellent, timely and fairly priced service!"
5 star rating

Caryl C. from Montecito, CA, whose Bentley was in for an auto repair, on 6/2/2017:
"Excellent in every respect!"
5 star rating

How to find us

1464 East Valley Rd.
Montecito, CA 93108
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Phone: 805-969-1357
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Makes We Repair
  • Alfa Romeo Repair
  • AMG Repair
  • Aston Martin Repair
  • Audi Repair
  • Bentley Repair
  • Bitter Repair
  • BMW Repair
  • Ducati Repair
  • Ferrari Repair
  • Jaguar Repair
  • Lamborghini Repair
  • Land Rover Repair
  • Lotus Repair
  • Maserati Repair
  • Mercedes-Benz Repair
  • Mini Cooper Repair
  • Opel Repair
  • Porsche Repair
  • Range Rover Repair
  • Rolls Royce Repair
  • Rover Repair
  • Saab Repair
  • Smart Repair
  • Volkswagen Repair
  • Volvo Repair
  • Case IH Repair
  • Bugatti Repair
  • McLaren Repair
  • Fiat Repair
  • Austin-Healey Repair
  • Triumph Repair
  • Sunbeam Repair